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Does Putting Drug Offenders In Prison Fix America’s Substance Abuse Problem?

Substance abuse disorders are difficult mental illnesses to treat. They often occur in tandem with other mental health disorders (though not always), and treating addiction is usually a multi-step process... Read More

Finding the Best College Paper

Finding the Best College Paper Using College Paper Writing Frankenstein essay becomes a nightmare for those students because they’re unable to manage the challenges of essay writing especially the thesis... Read More

The Foolproof Paper Writing Strategy

The Foolproof Paper Writing Strategy The Hidden Treasure of Paper Writing In your academic life, you will encounter the task to compose essays for a number of times. You are... Read More

More Depressed College Students Are Getting the Help They Need

Large numbers of young adults across the country report they’re feeling depressed. Colleges are doing more than ever before to help. According to The New York Times, in a 2016... Read More

A Developing Treatment Could Help Women With Postpartum Depression

The baby blues are extremely common among women who have recently given birth. However, an estimated 1 in 7 mothers experience a mood disorder known as postpartum depression following the... Read More

The NIH Says Millions of Americans Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Do you think you drink too much? You could be one of millions of people in the United States who drinks more alcohol than you should. You might not even know it’s happening... Read More

There Could Soon Be a Vaccine for Drug Addiction

Every year, health professionals offer flu vaccines to help protect your immune system against the virus. When you were young, you likely also received a round of multiple vaccines called... Read More

Researchers Make New Genetic Discovery About Eating Disorder Risk Factors

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa take another life every 62 minutes, yet little is still known about its root causes. Recent research ha taken several steps toward changing that. Published... Read More

Portugal fixed their opioid problem – why can’t we?

In the United States, the punishment for possession of heroin for first-time offenders is up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine, or both. In Portugal, “punishment” for the same... Read More

According to this study, this habit is more addicting than drugs

When you think of addiction, substances like drugs and alcohol probably come to mind first. However, the American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as an “inability to consistently abstain,... Read More

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