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All Starts With A Question

Addiction is a funny thing. Rarely does one wake up one morning with the stunning realization that they are addicted. Instead, the doubts and questions creep up slowly. We push... Read More

How-To Spot Codependency in Recovery (plus a codependent test!)

Codependency is a word that defines addictive behavior. In recovery, an addict may be able to become less reliant on drugs and alcohol to cope with life’s challenges. However, they... Read More

4 Simple Steps To True Forgiveness

As we choose recovery day after day, week after week, other issues crop up that we weren’t aware of before. Back or neck aches, unaddressed hurts and sadness, painful traumas... Read More

From The Basement To The Upper Room

We have all heard the expression, “I have been to hell and back.” Well, I have been to the pits of hell and back and have lived to tell the... Read More

Nikki Sixx Exclusive Interview

“If you write this book it will be career suicide.” This was the advice given to one of the most iconic stars in the history rock and roll, when he... Read More

Chris Cross The Nation (The Last Month)

We’ve followed Chris from the beginning. He set out to cross the US, running a marathon or more, pretty much every day. He’s now, almost done. Today, he entered California,... Read More

Addiction in the Workplace: Human Resources’ Response to Employee Addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can affect work performance of an employee in more ways that one. Not only may their productivity suffer, but if an employee is struggling... Read More

Bob Forest Exclusive Interview

Bob Forrest is perhaps best known as the straight talking, straight shooting counselor on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. Bob had a long journey in his struggle with addiction,... Read More

The Many Pathways In Recovery

There are new winds blowing comfort and hope across the landscape of Recovery these days… can you feel them? Have you noticed there are more ways and more open doors... Read More

Adult Children Of Alcoholics Are You “Overly Sensitive?”

Have you ever been told that you are “overly sensitive?” Have you ever described yourself this way? Being sensitive means that we feel deeply and are easily impacted by emotion... Read More

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