Andy Dick’s Battle with Addiction


Andy Dick is widely known for his eccentric and controversial humor, and recognized as an American actor/comedian, voiceover actor, musician, and a television and film producer. However, his work has been greatly overshadowed by a decade of legal troubles stemming from his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Has he finally turned over a new leaf? Yes!

By checking into rehab, Andy was able to make great strides towards improving his personal life, rebuilding relationships, and maintaining his sobriety. Andy Dick is also utilizing his platform and sharing his story of addiction and recovery in hopes to educate and motivate those who suffer from addiction to get recovery, and those who want to help their loved ones recover from their addiction.

Andy Dick acknowledges that his addiction got in the way of his career and “wreaked havoc” in his personal life. He isn’t ignoring the fact that everyone sees him in a negative light, and has this to say: 

If you’re early on in your drug and alcohol abuse, I encourage you to stop …hopefully you won’t become a national joke…like I have become…

Andy Dick joins on our mission to enact change within the addiction community to promote recovery through community, education, and loving support. We will be sharing a set of interviews with Andy Dick about his journey that will support and empower others to seek recovery.

The media has been adept at glorifying drugs and alcohol, but rarely does it shine light on the dangers of abuse and addiction, and rarely promotes recovered addicts’ stories positively. It isn’t uncommon for people to judge addicts and turn a blind eye at the core of the problem. The most common thing to do is to tell addicts to stop, refusing to understand that addiction isn’t about the drug or alcohol itself, but the why.  

Addiction stems from deep within and it isn’t easy to just stop even when we know we can. To win the war on addiction, we need to first win the support and understanding of the afflicted, and provide the necessary community and support tools to guide them towards the correct professional treatment options.

It’s time we start glorifying sobriety and recovery, and we are standing behind Andy Dick and his recovery.


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