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Addiction in the Workplace: Human Resources’ Response to Employee Addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can affect work performance of an employee in more ways that one. Not only may their productivity suffer, but if an employee is struggling... Read More

The Link between Drug Abuse and Children in Foster Care

While there are few statistics indicating the percentage of children entering foster care because of a parent’s drug addiction, anyone involved with the system knows it’s a large number. In... Read More

The Science Behind Addiction

The Science Behind Addiction There are some common misconceptions about drug abuse and who becomes addicted. Controversies exist about why one person will be an addict while another escapes the... Read More

Do You Know the Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is often treated differently than drug or alcohol addiction. People assume it isn’t a real condition but an excuse for inappropriate behavior. While some people may use the... Read More

Using Technology in Addiction Treatment

Technology has become an essential part of people’s lives. Now, it may help some make life-altering changes for the good. New tech is being directed at addiction and how it... Read More

New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness

New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness Actress Jenifer Lewis recently wrote a memoir telling all about her addiction to sex and her struggle with... Read More

How Mental Illness Can Lead to Addiction

Of the 20.2 million people who have a substance abuse disorder, 7.9 million or nearly half of them also have a mental health disorder. This information is according to the... Read More

Is Crying Really Good For Your Mental Health?

Have you ever felt so stressed, frustrated, or upset that you started to cry? Don’t hold back those tears. It turns out crying actually provides a few major benefits to... Read More

John Green Addresses Anxiety, Medication, and Therapy

John Green is no stranger to debilitating mental health barriers. At 24, having dealt with feelings of anxiety and obsessive thought patterns for nearly 20 years, he left his job... Read More

Without Paid Sick Leave, Workers’ Mental Health Suffers

Without sick leave, members of the workforce aren't just physically disadvantaged. They also struggle to get the mental health care they desperately need. Read More

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