Portugal fixed their opioid problem – why can’t we?

In the United States, the punishment for possession of heroin for first-time offenders is up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine, or both. In Portugal, “punishment” for the same... Read More

According to this study, this habit is more addicting than drugs

When you think of addiction, substances like drugs and alcohol probably come to mind first. However, the American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as an “inability to consistently abstain,... Read More

Experts Warn Addiction Stigma Can Be Fatal to Millions of Americans

Millions more Americans struggle with drug-related addiction annually than you might think. However, a very small percentage of them actually get the help they need. According to the National Institute... Read More

Why More Middle-Aged White Americans are Dying Than Ever Before

Though it may seem like more and more people are dying every year, as a whole, fewer Americans are facing death annually in the 21st century than in the 1900s.... Read More

Meet Khalil Rafati: an ex-drug addict who became a millionaire!

Khalil Rafati overdosed on heroin nine times before he quit drugs for good. Thankfully, that’s only where his story begins. He used to make money selling drugs, and became hooked on... Read More

Children Poisoned by Opioids Every Year

An estimated 38 percent of Americans use opioids. Tens of thousands of them die as a result of both addiction and overdose. A large percentage of those who consume these... Read More

[Viral Video] How Girls Use Social Media to Build or Break Self-Confidence

  Over the past decade, the power and influence of social media has exponentially increased. In many cases, businesses and companies utilize social media in efforts to hire and even... Read More

What Will Happen if Obamacare is Repealed?

Healthcare is one industry that many Americans lack knowledge about. Understandably, with intense medical and political language, the system is no longer in layman’s terms. The reality is that with... Read More

Why Only 1 in 10 People Will Seek Help for Their Addictions

According to a report released by the Surgeon General, only 10 percent of people with a substance abuse disorder involving alcohol or illegal narcotics actually seeks treatment. The current landscape... Read More

Women More Susceptible to Addiction Than Men

Men and women are different in a number of ways, both physically and psychologically. In terms of substance abuse and drug addiction, recent research suggests there are more men addicted... Read More

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