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20 million suffering from addiction are affecting our children’s future

In November 2016, the United States Surgeon General reported that over 20 million Americans are currently struggling with some form of drug addiction. The grapple that drugs have over Americans has gotten tighter and tighter over the years. Ever since the beginning of the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1973, over $3 trillion dollars has been […]

Why addiction and relapse go hand in hand for most people

Drug abuse within our society is detrimental as well as devastating. When an addict seeks treatment, it is a monumental step to a better life, but it is paved with obstacles and setbacks. According to Psychology Today, around one third of those who remain abstinent for less than a year will stay sober in the […]

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Your Children’s Future

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and its consequences, namely in the form of video game addiction, are becoming more and more prevalent. Increasing numbers of young people are spending hours playing online games, and this is contributing to a derailing culture, values and productivity amongst kids. Action for Children, a charity […]

How watching TV can turn into an addiction and mental disorder

Psychological or physical dependence on something with compulsion is considered addiction, especially with the inability to overcome this dependence in spite of continuous and repetitive efforts. Addiction can be toward many things that people can’t resist, including drugs, alcohol, sex, smoking and TV, especially when this dependence affects your functioning, well-being and productive life.   […]

Singer JoJo Opens Up About Her Father’s Addiction in This Video

Drug addiction does not discriminate against the rich or poor, and it is definitely no stranger to those in the limelight as well as their loved ones. Singer and songwriter JoJo knows this all too well, and she has come forward about the death of her father last year due to drug abuse. “His death […]

[viral video] The Pros and Cons of Black Friday: Addiction or Tradition?

You know the feeling: the adrenaline rush and desire you feel from the blaring signs shouting 50% off! One-day-only sale! Clearance! To the average American, Black Friday symbolizes a thriftiness championship and sale scorage. To the economy, Black Friday is welcomed warmly by Wall Street and Main Street as a singular annual opportunity to make […]