CDC Says College Students Most Likely to Become Addicted to Heroin

Heroin addiction in the U.S. continues to climb. Men, non-Hispanic whites, and people aged 18 to 25 are among the country’s most susceptible demographics. According to the National Institute on... Read More

Smartphones Are Destroying Teens’ Mental Health

This generation of teens has unlimited access to information stored in their pockets. Yet relying so much on their smartphones might not be the best habit for their mental health.... Read More

Can Doctors Use Heroin to Treat Heroin Addiction?

The opioid epidemic rages on. Bringing heron-assisted treatment to the United States could change the way health professionals treat heroin addiction. Read More

Substance Abuse More Common In Sleep-Deprived Teens

The teen years are tough. Not-quite-adults feel pressured to make major life decisions and achieve academically and in their extracurriculars. Some of them yearn to stand out; others silently beg... Read More

Is Alcohol Use Disorder a Hormone Problem?

Hormones are an important part of everyday life. They control your hunger, your reproductive organs, and even your emotions and mood. Recent research also suggests hormones might play a role... Read More

Why Don’t More Company Cultures Support “Mental Health Days”?

Madalyn Parker was only being honest when she informed her team she needed to take time off work to focus on her mental health. Her boss’s response should set an... Read More

New Medical Specialty a Win for Substance Abuse Treatment

Following their basic medical training, physicians select something called a specialty. Each doctor chooses a specific field of medicine to train in and gain expertise toward. Many become surgeons, oncologists,... Read More

Body Image Issues Associated with Drug and Alcohol Use in Teens

We’ve known for awhile that poor body image can lead to low self-esteem, eating disorders, and depression. New research now points to another possible side effect of poor body image... Read More

Does Putting Drug Offenders In Prison Fix America’s Substance Abuse Problem?

Substance abuse disorders are difficult mental illnesses to treat. They often occur in tandem with other mental health disorders (though not always), and treating addiction is usually a multi-step process... Read More

More Depressed College Students Are Getting the Help They Need

Large numbers of young adults across the country report they’re feeling depressed. Colleges are doing more than ever before to help. According to The New York Times, in a 2016... Read More

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