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Demi Lovato: Inspirational Speech on Mental Illness and Addiction

Demi Lovato has lived through an eating disorder and drug abuse. She braved the odds and has been able to emerge and stamp herself as a powerful voice for those suffering from depression, drug abuse and everything else she went through as a teenager.

The actress, singer and X Factor judge was right on point when she addressed the Democratic National Convention on the first night of the four-day event. The music and movie icon did nothing else but win the love and admiration of the thousands who gathered at the convention ground, and the millions who watched on TV and over the internet as she raised awareness on the dangers of mental health problems and why America must consider them a serious issue. She raised a series of important points during her speech.

Not all Americans can afford treatment in great facilities

Lovato’s main focus during her speech was on Americans, especially teenagers, who may be living with mental distress like she has. She said she was lucky to be able to get treatment from one of the best facilities in the United States, but lamented the fact that very few people can afford that. Another reason why Americans may shun treatment facilities, according to Lovato, is their fear of being stigmatized. That is a real problem that stares America in the face.

Mental illness could have devastating consequences

If there is one thing America seems to be neglecting, but Lovato didn’t, it is the obvious fact that mental illness could have devastating consequences for those who suffer from it, and should therefore not be taken lightly. In her words, “Untreated mental illness can lead to devastating consequences including suicide, substance abuse and long-term medical issues.” These issues no doubt weigh down on the productivity of the sufferer and in the end, the entire economy is affected.

America can do better by being more responsible

After highlighting the problem, Lovato made her audience see a light at the end of the tunnel by talking about some of the things America can do to fix the problem. The good news is that these things are within the reach of the American people. “Every one of us can make a difference by getting educated on this epidemic and its frightening statistics, and by breaking the stigma,” said Lovato.

The music and movie icon used herself as an example of the degree of success that can be made if and when her recommendations are taken into consideration. “I stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness,” she said.

Given that she was at a political event, it was only normal that politics be part of Lovato’s address to the Democratic National Convention. She opened the eyes of those following to a problem and the main aim of her speech was to endorse a presidential candidate whom she is sure will help to solve the problem. Lovato endorsed former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as her Democratic candidate for the presidential elections scheduled for November 2016.

Lovato endorsed Hillary Clinton at the DNC because she thinks the democratic nominee will bring a lasting solution to the problems people with mental illness face in the United States. She endorsed Clinton with the following words: “I am proud to support a presidential candidate who will fight to ensure all people living with mental health conditions get the care they need to lead fulfilling lives. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton may be America’s solution according to the democrats, but she will certainly not be a personal solution to any particular individual. The best individual solution to the problem of mental illness, especially those that have links with addiction is the action the individual can take on his/her own.

That individual action starts by taking the Test My Addiction Assessment. Try it now, and let a wonderful team of experts handle any issue the test may reveal.

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