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How to Overcome Cigarette Temptation and Cravings

cigarettesKicking a cigarette addiction to the curb is very difficult for a lot of people, even though we are aware that it can negatively influence our health and even lead to death.

When we start consuming it, we could easily develop constant cravings.

Temptations and cravings are normal. How we react to them is what determines whether we will stay in good health or let our lives be damaged by the products we have the cravings for.

So how do we overcome temptations and cravings? 

Do Something Different

One of the best ways you can overcome temptation and cravings for cigarette and other dangerous products is by focusing your attention on something else. You can keep your hands busy with something else that will prevent you from holding a cigarette and taking it to your mouth. You may want to think of knitting, working on a puzzle, or just holding a book and reading it. These measures would keep your mind and your hands busy so that it becomes a little difficult to think of smoking, or even holding a tobacco product in your hand. Gradually, you could overcome the cravings you have for the cigarettes.

Flee Any Eminent Enticement

Sometimes, we see clear elements of temptation and we wholly let them get the better of us. Alcohol for example could provoke cravings for cigarette; and we probably know this too well. Many people will however still rush to consume alcohol heavily and the end result tends out to be them being vulnerable to the cravings of cigarettes. If you want to overcome the temptation of cravings, you must make an effort to avoid the things that could get you tempted in the first place. If you must drink and you know alcohol will make you vulnerable, go for a non alcoholic drink.

Make A Personal Effort

In many cases, we hold the key to our success in combating the cravings we may have for a particular product. If your cravings are for cigarettes and you are trying not to be tempted, you will have to contribute your own quota. You could for example avoid places where cigarettes can be available so that you avoid the temptation all together. That may be hard to do, but it is a personal effort you will have to make to succeed. It may be a difficult thing to do especially if you are the kind of person who adores outings, but you will have to undertake it to help surmount your cravings.

Reflect On The Dangers and the Benefits

One key way of conquering your cravings for cigarettes is reflecting on the damages the product could have on your health. Imagine your life with damaged lungs and other harmful components like tar integrating your bloodstream. You could also reflect on the benefits of not falling for the cravings you have. Imagine yourself being able to breathe freely and prevent your teeth from going yellow with smoking; think of the financial freedom you get because you surmounted your cravings. Let these thoughts run through your mind and then gather inspiration to resist the cravings.

Cravings are no doubt tempting; and overcoming the temptation is paramount if we must stay in good health. To be sure that everything is in order; take our Test My Addiction Assessment. Should there be any impediment, our team of experts will be handy to take care of the situation for you.


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