How Your Body Type Plays a Part in Your Self-Esteem

How Your Body Type Plays a Part in Your Self-EsteemYou are brought into this world with a predetermined genetic makeup, including your body type. There are three distinct body types; mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph. Your body type is one of the foundational characteristics that you have little control over. Despite your best efforts, certain natural features about yourself you cannot affect, but believing you can has the potential to destroy your self-esteem.

Seemingly simple to understand and comprehend, society doesn’t acknowledge this fact and continues to impart unrealistic expectations upon you. You are bombarded with perfectionism through our culture, namely the media. What you are shown to be normal, desirable and perfect is simply an anomaly to reality. Like much of anything, the more you are exposed to it, the more you believe it to be true.

In respect to self-esteem, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. The drastic differences between the organic make-up of these three body types makes interchanging them nearly impossible. Yet, to someone who carries a larger natural frame, the idealization of achieving the perceived perfection in body appearance is pressured onto them daily.

When failing to meet the cultural criteria for “normal” or “desirable,” the repercussions are self-dissatisfaction and reduced self-esteem. When you try so hard to be something you cannot be, you continuously chase the unattainable, and your failures compound, until your self-image has sunk to a dangerous low.

Understanding your natural body type is necessary for proper development and mental wellness. Knowing how your body was designed to be, will allow successes to be accomplished in place of constant failures to please society. Knowledge of the different body types will foster appreciation for each unique composition. You will see your beauty in your individuality, and dispel the belief that attractive bodies are based on physical appearance as you have been taught.

As you begin to know that despite your differences from others, you have your own beautiful body, your self-esteem will rebound and you will develop a positive self-image. Your self-evaluation will no longer be based up perfections or ideals, but upon realities. Whether you were created to be short or tall, broad or thin, you must appreciate what you were given and cherish it to achieve self-satisfaction and optimize self-worth.

If you view yourself realistically, versus in a fantasy world, you will find yourself cherishing your uniqueness, and embracing the differences you have from others. Question the necessity to place so much value on society’s “perfection” and base your self-love on who you are individually. It is there that you can find true happiness and celebrate what you bring to the world.

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