Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) Ending in Divorce and Drug Accusations

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Another titan Hollywood couple falls to addiction and drug abuse as news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce has been announced.

Divorces due to alcohol and drug addiction are not uncommon in the Hollywood scene, where temptation is even more difficult to escape. Even the most glamorous couples are affected by addiction.

TMZ sources say Angelina was  “fed up” with Brad’s consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is “an anger problem.” The final straw was when the situation seemingly became dangerous for their children.

According to, Brad has had a long history of partying it up with booze and substances throughout his time in the Hollywood limelight. He toned down his lifestyle after becoming involved with Angelina in 2004 for the sake of starting a family together.

Insiders believe Angelina has begged Brad to scale the drinking and pot smoking back or quit altogether for several years. Brad never stopped drinking, however, and has a huge reputation for drinking whiskey on a daily basis.

Just last year, French actor Richard Bohringer, 74, jokingly said to Closer magazine, “Brad lives on whiskey.” After this last year of increasingly intense arguing, she has finally called it quits after two years of officialized marriage.

Besides abusive behavior and chaos in the home, rumors for infidelity are also spiraling. The couple shares six kids, 12 properties, and $400 million to settle. Angelina is fiercely protective of her children and is doing everything in her power to shield them from the drama.  

Addiction affects everyone in the family, but spouses are especially burdened when they are responsible for supporting their lover through recovery on top of holding the family together. Many relationships deteriorate when one spouse has addiction issues, however, not all do.

Couples that are able to champion through the addiction first admit that an addiction issue exists, and that it has caused chaos in the home. Genuine acknowledgment of the problem is always the first step on the path to recovery. It paves the way for effective therapy and counseling.

Did you know an addiction can be caused by a mental disorder?

One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone.

But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from addiction, then take our free 3 minute assessment.