Study States Brain Bleeding Has Been Linked to Energy Drinks

Brain Bleeding Linked to Energy DrinksMany people consider the need for energy drinks when they are about to do some serious work. That’s true since these drinks contain about five times the caffeine in the same size soda can. The FDA does not observe the safety of energy drinks since they are labeled as dietary supplements, and most of them don’t have scientific packing safety.

They are known to contain caffeine, yohimbine, β-phenylethylamine hydrochloride and green tea extract plus the sugar and flavor of course. All of these ingredients may be helpful to set you on fire, but be aware of some other undesirable effects they may promote.

This is an interesting story of a 57 year-old man from Alabama who decided to take an energy drink before doing some work in the yard. It was his first energy drink ever and it seems that it didn’t go well with his medical history of high blood pressure and vascular disease.

He had the whole 8 ounces of the two servings of the drink, and not long after he felt dizzy and his right side was numb and weak. It was a stroke with hemorrhage in his brain. The guy survived, but with residual deficits in the right side and his case will always be remembered as it was published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine as the first stroke to occur after energy drinks.

This summarizes many hazards that can be associated with similar ingredients. They can have serious complications on heart rhythm, blood pressure and may be cardiac arrest. A report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that emergency room visits related to energy drinks or their combination with other medications in 2011 is about 20,000 which was 10,000 in 2007.

Energy drinks can help you indeed in some activities, however their effect is known as flight or fight due to sympathetic system activation which will elevate the blood pressure to the extent that can rupture a weak blood vessel in your brain. If you feel low on energy, there are many physical reasons that you can consider first by asking your primary care physician. Depression, sleep disturbance, thyroid hormones, anemia and chronic diseases can all lead to low energy levels. Otherwise a regular caffeine shot will be more than enough to do the job.

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