Cara Delevingne Battled with Suicide and Addiction

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Thousands, if not millions, of people have battled or are battling with suicide and addiction; Cara Delevingne being one of them. 

Delevingne, an American actress, singer and model, is one of the privileged few who grew up in affluence. But the once singer and now actress grew up finding it difficult to match her advantaged life with emotional problems.

The Paper Towns star in an interview with Esquire UK says she led a good life until she got to her mid teens, when she suffered a psychological breakdown trying to please her parents. Her mother was herself a huge drug addict.

We may not quite see the difficulties, but dealing with suicide and addiction is quite a daunting task. For Delevigne, “it was horrible.” She says she felt like a sociopath. Medication saved her and probably saved her mother too, but Delevingne says she doesn’t agree with them. She hates them.

Cara actually stopped taking medication two years after she started and within a week, she lost her virginity. She got into fights and this certainly landed her in some form of trouble.

Just like Cara Delevingne, you may have difficulty dealing with these conditions, and you think your life has come to a dead end. You may be trying really hard to maintain a balance between living in wealth, and dealing with depression and anxiety; factors that can trigger suicide and addiction. That does not mean things have gone terribly wrong; there is still a way out.

Is It a Hidden Addiction or Mental Disorder?

One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone.

But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from addiction, then Take the test and find out.

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