Study Shows Connection With Others Improves Social Activism

Study Shows Connection With Others Improves Social Activism

Boise, USA – November 21, 2015:Child holding up an American Flag at the counter protest to the Syrian refugee situation in America

There is a lot of research looking into how connecting with people can improve social activism. One of such studies has been carried out by Natalia Karelaia, Ph.D. It found that being socially responsible depends greatly on how much of a difference we think our actions can make.

Karelaia is an associate professor of decision sciences and carried out her study to find out whether decision making is related to being connected socially. According to her study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, how socially connected you are greatly determines how impactful you feel your actions could be. So basically, if you have connections with influential people in society, you will very likely touch the lives of others around you in one way or another.

Karelaia’s study throws light on how people’s feelings about their connections affect their behavior. She noted that identifying yourself with an influential social group makes you feel empowered to impact other people. Such socially motivated individuals may give up important aspects of their personality, but will compensate that with a better self image they portray to the public. And as a result of that, “they have a greater belief in the effectiveness of their individual actions, and a clearer conception of how their own choices directly impact the collective,” says Karelaia.

The main conclusion we get from this study as well as many others in this light is that feeling connected enhances the actions of an individual. This in turn improves on the self and public appreciation of the individual. According to Karelaia, “Overall, this suggests that we’re at our ethical best when we feel part of a human community that transcends our immediate surroundings.”

It is essential to immerse yourself in a surrounding community if you have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. Find a group of people who will stand with you as you fight for what you believe in, and change is sure to follow. Just make sure you do it in a orderly, organized and non-violent way.

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