Behavioral Addiction

When people think about addiction, many don’t consider compulsive behavior. This type of addiction can be just as dangerous as substance abuse. Types of behavioral addiction include but are not limited to: gambling, engaging in sexual activity, watching pornography, and video gaming.

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Eating Disorders

How Eating May Be Harmful If you eat very little and are still constantly concerned about your weight or body shape, you may have an eating disorder. If you eat...

Gambling Addiction

How Compulsive Gambling Develops Gambling addiction, also referred to as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is a serious condition recognized widely by psychologists. It’s surprisingly common, especially among younger and...

Sex and Porn Addiction

What Is Sex Addiction? The medical community is still not sure how to look at sex addiction. But with regard to one thing, there’s a general consensus: it’s a serious...

Video/Computer Game Addiction & Treatment

Can You Really Be Addicted to Video Games? Video games haven’t been around nearly as long as other addictive substances, and the study of this behavioral addiction is still in...
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Shopping Addiction

Why is Shopping So Addicting? Everybody shops. Tireless advertising creates a consumerist culture leading you to believe you have to have that one thing everyone else has already bought –...