What is Recovery Rehabs?

Recovery Rehabs is the first step toward an addiction-free life. With helpful resources and a network of top-level care facilities, we can get you or your loved one the necessary treatment to begin rehabilitation. Recovery starts here.

Step One


To get this process started, take our free assessment at testmyaddiction.com. This 3-minute test will help identify signs of addiction and areas of concern based on your responses.

Step Two


After recognizing potential problem areas, you can use Recovery Rehabs as an educational resource. Learn more about different types of addiction, treatment options, and the recovery process.

Step Three


With the proper knowledge and support at your disposal, find the right treatment center and recovery program for yourself or your loved one. Recovery Rehabs provides you with plenty of quality options in your area.

Recovery Rehabs will help put you on the path toward health and happiness. We believe in people, and we know when given the proper support and resources, you are capable of extraordinary things. Take the first step with us, and we’ll be there for you the whole way.

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