Lamar Odom Drunk and Removed from Delta Flight

By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 | via Wikimedia Commons

Former NBA player, Lamar Odom was reportedly removed from a Delta flight from Los Angeles to New York on Monday night.

Odom was seen heading into the Delta lounge upon arrival at the LAX and before boarding his flight, eyewitnesses say that he managed to get himself wasted by chugging beer and whisky. By the time he got on the flight, he was nauseated, drunk and was deemed to be unfit for travel as he was also beginning to be a nuisance among the passengers.

Reports say that the intoxicated basketball player threw up in the galley minutes before the plane was about to pull back from the gate.

Two passengers who were seated near Odom on first class seat 4B told TMZ that as the plane was preparing to leave the gate, Odom stood wearyingly, bolted for the front and threw up in the galley. He then walked into the bathroom with the door open and threw up again. They also described that Odom had vomit on his clothes when he came out of the bathroom.

Flight attendants then escorted Odom off the plane gently, they placed the man’s carry-on belongings in a plastic bag and removed them from the plane while a cleaning crew went on board to clean the mess Odom made.

However to the surprise of the passengers, approximately 10 minutes after he was escorted out of the plane, Odom – who still had vomit on his sweatpants – seemed to have found his way back into the plane, walked down the aisle and proceeded to his designated seat.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Before and After | Image Source: TMZ

A few minutes later, just before pre-takeoff, Odom got up and tried to go back to the bathroom, holding on to the seat heads of his fellow passengers to try and balance himself.

Flight attendants decided to remove Odom from the flight for good when one of the passengers said to them, “Don’t you know his history? I don’t want a dead body at 30,000 feet.”

The embattled basketball player has had a string of drug and alcohol abuse controversies and at one point, had a fatal incident where he went into a comatose after an alleged drug overdose.

Odom’s antics managed to delay the flight to New York for 40 minutes.

Is Lamar’s Addiction Caused by Mental Disorder?

Lamar Odom’s struggle with sobriety could be caused by a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, or bi-polar disorder. One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone. But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

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  • Swampy Jesus

    “Mavericks power forward”

    Who proof reads this stuff?

    • emiliani

      And how about “went on a comatose”?

      WND is in desperate need for better writers or editors.

    • sobelle

      I like “two passengers who was seated……” Apparently nobody proofs this stuff.

      • Bootman

        Proofing would be an aggressive intrusion into the writer’s safe space and would impair his self-expression. Or, he waited until the last minute and didn’t bother to proof.

  • sunshine

    This man is so disgusting. He came from the ghetto’s and he acts in kind.

    • abraba

      What are the “ghetto’s”?

      • Bob USAF(ret)

        Wretched parts of big cities where blacks lives and made into hell holes.’

        • Hot Rats

          Went right over your head, huh?

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            I was born and raised in Detroit, so understand exactly . Truth is over your head, must be a dem or lib.

    • Nikki Roccafella

      The only thing thats disgusting is your ignorance and your attitude. “Ghetto’s” and “he acts in kind”..????
      Listen up smartypants– the way this man is acting is exactly the same way a person who suffers from the disease of addiction acts like. Addiction sees no color, no race, no socioeconomic status, no religion, no gender…..addiction is equal opportunity. The face of addiction is anyones face, yours and mine included. It could be your kids or your parents. Or you.

      • sunshine

        Life’s about choices. He made bad choices and is now paying the price. His mind set is ghetto. That’s how he was raised and that’s how he is choosing to live. So stop your name calling and look at the writing on the wall…if you can.

        • nikkirockafellow

          U want me to stop the name mean “smartypants”? ,i wont call u smartypants if you are able to to stop making asenine remarks like “thats how he was raised and thats how he is choosing to live”. In other words, you believe Odom was raised an addict and he chooses to live life as an addict?lol…, umm yeah okay.
          Writing on the wall:
          Addiction is a disease. Would you make fun of a person suffering from a disease ? If Lamar Odom was diagnosed with Leukemia tomorrow, would you still feel the same? Because Leukemia or not hes still an addict. Would you say he had Leukemia because he was raised that way? Get yourself educated on matters before making comments,

          • sunshine

            Um, Nikki, If your going to preach to me about education, shouldn’t you learn how to use the ellipsis and proper punctuation first? Just saying. And your rantings might be that you didn’t take your meds this morning. You sound like you are a ridiculous person.

          • nikkirockafellow

            Stick to the subject Sunshine…I did not preach nor rant. I suggested you educate yourself on the subject of discussion before you comment. You call that preaching? Proper use of the ellipsis and proper punctuation is not what we are discussing either. However, if it bothers you that much then by all means, make all the corrections you want to. I enjoy learning and am not offended if someone corrects me. Meds? ?? Really? Thats the best you could do? Sure, i am ridiculous If you say so. Thats the kind of comment a person makes when they have nothing better to say.

          • William Bowen

            Actually terming it a disease is psychologists way of treating it. The fact is he has personal choice and accountability. Are there people that have a predisposition towards addiction, yes, but is it just something you contract like cancer, no. Until he makes a personal choice to live above his circumstances and chooses not to live in a drunken or drugged up stupor he will continue to get the same results. Some people have to really hit rock bottom and if being in a coma in an IC is not Rock Bottom then this guy is headed for destruction. The fact is he has money and opportunity and most people that have hit rock bottom have gone broke and alienated all the people around them.

      • Bootman

        He may be an addict but he can choose to get treatment and change his behavior and his substance dependence. Saying that he’s sick in your posts is verging on excusing his poor choices though I don’t think that’s your intent. He can choose to learn how to not let his addictions run him. He hasn’t made that choice yet even though it almost killed him before. I doubt affording treatment is an issue.

        • nikkirockafellow

          I agree with you. He is an addict. He can choose to get treatment. I hope he does.. I stated he is a sick man because he is in fact a very sick man. However, i am in no way making excuses for him because he is sick.

  • Odom

    It’s a disgrace to the Odom name. Can the media just use his first name. Lamar your embarrassing. Why do we give this guy any press.

    • Nikki Roccafella

      Lamar Odom, Mr. Odom is a very sick man. He is not embarrassing. You on the other hand are. You sound incredibly ignorant and like you are on some high horse above the rest.

    • Hot Rats

      *you’re* (slaps head)

  • abraba

    He sounds tragically lost and addicted. He will be dead soon if he can’t get a lot more help…

  • LynnM

    Send him the bill for the delay !! After all he was part of the K klan, maybe he will try a sex change too Or just date Bruce

    • Nikki Roccafella

      Is that suppossed to be funny? Its not. He has an addiction. He is sick. Do you have any idea how many people suffer from addiction? Sorry but your comment was just not funny and it was in poor taste.

  • Jim Stone

    Just have a couple shots to relax damn dude

    • Nikki Roccafella

      One is too many and a million is never enough.

  • emiliani

    I for one feel sympathy for Lamar. He came from an INCREDIBLY dysfunctional family and environment, and seems desperately intent on either returning there or killing himself.

    Time for the Most-Watched Intervention episode of all time. Maybe Bruce can encourage Lamar to become the man he once was!!

    • Bootman

      Lots of people come from similar backgrounds and do just fine. He’s too used to being a celebrity who makes excuses and thinks he gets endless passes about the behavior he’s choosing to engage in.

      • Emiliani

        I don’t feel the need to pile on. I excuse nothing he’s done, things he’s done mostly to himself and his family.

        I doubt he thinks he gets “endless passes”. I suspect it’s a lot simpler an explanation: severe drug addiction (much as his dad had). “Choice” is mitigated by addiction … one’s voluntary, free choice is adversely affected. Again, that doesn’t mean to “excuse” anything he’s done, only contextualize it.

        My prayers are with him and all similarly situated people.

  • cheel1

    What a class act

  • Randy Abramovitz

    Lamar Owed’em an apology.

  • sobelle

    This guy is a HOT MESS. They should charge him for the delay and the cleanup crew.

  • Monty Saylor

    All these 50 dollars words to describe him,which is nothing more than a common drunk.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj


  • buckeyejim

    Cry me a river to some of you libtards, he had a bad family, he was a choir boy, its not easy to be stinking rich, you can’t say anything against him because he’s black.. The selfish drunk didn’t give a hoot about the other 900 people on board. , I always love to start my trip on a crowded airplane by hearing , seeing and smelling some big dumb ass spewing vomit all over the interior of a plane.

  • Karen starks

    I pray that Mr. Odom is reading these threads. Please pray about calling Iyanla Vanzant. I know she can help you. She can provide healing and wholeness through practical and spiritual care. She will be able to get to the root of the addiction. Mr. ODOM, you will get through this and you will triumph this addiction. God bless and keep you.

  • 18th street

    The only way that he will straighten out is to turn to God and worship Him instead of satan. Ask Darryl Strawberry. He found the answer,

  • Tough Love

    Professional sports stars continue to be great role models for young people in Amerika. Just today my 3 year old, in black face makeup, was playing “Let’s be a Drug Addict” in the bathroom with her head in the toilet. I think she’s going for women’s basketball.

  • Nikki Roccafella

    My disease? You mean Lamar Odoms disease. Thats what this article and discussion is about. It is about addiction. If you want to talk about something else, go ahead just do it elsewhere because this discussion is about addiction. Do not comment on my personal life or my health because that is not the topic in discussion. lf you cant stick with the subject , move along.

    • Stanton Lore

      You don’t control what others say or how they perceive. If it bothers you that others have a different take on something, then perhaps you move on.

      • Nikki Roccafella

        What part of “stick to the subject” do you not get?

        • Stanton Lore

          Nikki, I apologize. I was directed to this from a sports blog and failed to see the context of the discussion. Given what it is, my comments were/are inappropriate. Sorry.

  • Nikki Roccafella

    Well, I must say I am going to sleep much better at night now that I know this. No one actually asked you but you are entitled to your own opinions and you have the right to share them as well. Even if they are in poor taste and even if no one asked you. So Thanks for sharing!

  • Nikki Roccafella

    Please read the article again. Where do you get the idea he has had decades to realize his choices were not healthy ones. He is probably in his late thirties. That means he has been alive for 3 decades at most and he was a child for the majority of the first 2 decades. Decades? J Where do you get idea tha most people think like you and dont care if he self destructs? No one is questioning whether he shouldve been aloud to board the plane or not. Do you have any idea how many people are drunk in public? Around you? You asked what if this was your child? What if who was my child, Lamar Odom? What child are you referring to? Understand what you read please. Comment on what you understand. Btw, im not trying to control what you say, im not trying to control anything in fact. However, these discussions have basic rules or guidelines we are all asked to adhere to. Sticking to the subject being discussed is one of those things. If you find yiu are unable to do that, again, move along. Thanks

  • Ronnie Childs

    “…(A)t one point, had a fatal incident…”?