What are the leading causes of anxiety?

anxietyAnxiety is normal when it occurs occasionally, especially when we are in difficult situations. But when we start feeling the symptoms when there is no particular occurrence that should trigger it, or when the trigger is not big enough to stress us out, there is a problem.

We should also be concerned if anxiety continues in us long after the stressful situation is over. The condition could have devastating consequences on humans.

So what causes anxiety in humans? There is no clear-cut answer to that question because the exact cause of anxiety disorders in many cases is not known.

There are however a few contributing factors to some cases of generalized anxiety disorders. Let’s find out a few them.


Scientists believe that you genetic makeup may be an important trigger of anxiety disorders. Genetics here refers to the traits you acquire from your parents. These traits generally control different aspects of our human functioning. It is possible that your parents or grandparents had anxiety disorder traits and this on to you. There is nothing you can do in such a situation but try to deal with the condition.

Trauma in Your Childhood

Many people who suffer anxiety disorders as adults may have witnessed some brutal scene as children. These scenes now serve as triggers for their disorder. Imagine you witnessing the beheading of your parents or anyone else. Imagery from such a scene will certainly flash through your mind occasionally for the rest of your life. These occasional flashes are enough to trigger severe anxiety even when there is no other particular stressor.

Fear of an Unstable Future

Sometimes, people may get traumatized just by thinking of what their future will look like. This is particularly true with people who are financially unstable and are not sure of making a good life for themselves. The thought of not being able to survive in life triggers some degree of fear in them; fear that easily graduates to anxiety.

Personality Traits

Some people are naturally vulnerable to anxiety because of their personality. Perfectionists for example can get so nervous and eventually anxious when they fail in a mission they know they could do very well in. Also, some people are naturally timid and lack self esteem, while others want to control everything. The timid and low self esteem people could occasionally suffer anxiety disorders because of their condition, while those who want to control everything could get really stressed out and develop anxiety disorders when they do not succeed to be in charge.

Health Conditions

Some health conditions could trigger anxiety. Diabetes, asthma, hypertension and other heart diseases are known to contribute to the development of the disorder. It would be a wise decision to seek medical attention and check for anxiety when you suffer from these conditions.

Anxiety may look trivial but it could be fatal. Seeking a solution to the problem immediately you diagnose it could be really helpful because dealing with the condition at an early stage sort of guarantees effective control. If you suspect anxiety and want to go for a diagnosis, take our Test My Addiction Assessment. We have an experienced team of professionals ready to help you.


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