Recovery Process


Rehab Process

The recovery process for any addiction takes time. Based on the severity of your dependency and the type of treatment you pursue, the length of rehabilitation may vary. Recovery Rehabs works with inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities that provide treatment programs designed to fit your needs, specifically.

Every road to recovery is different, but the end goal remains the same. Here are our recommended steps for addiction rehab: initiation, detox, inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy, and aftercare.




What is Detoxification? Detoxification may sound frightening, but it’s simply the process of removing a drug from your system. If you’ve been taking a specific substance over a long period of time, your brain and body will become accustomed to it—this is called dependency. When you stop taking the drug, your body begins the detoxification […]
Inpatient Rehab

Residential Inpatient

Come In to Stay Out: Inpatient Recovery When you’re ready to seek help for your (or your loved one’s) addiction, you will find options that include both outpatient programs and inpatient drug rehab programs offered by residential treatment centers. Shorter-term residential programs involve a stay of 30 days or less, while you can stay in […]

Outpatient Options

You Have Options If you’ve decided to seek treatment for a substance abuse issue, congratulations—you’ve taken the first step toward a richer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. As you walk along this path, one of the first choices you’ll be faced with is whether you’ll choose an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program. In some cases, […]

Extended Care vs. Long Term Rehabilitation

What’s the Difference Between Long Term Rehabilitation and Extended Care? Detox. Relapse. Inpatient and outpatient care. If you’re entering substance abuse treatment for the first time, the many terms thrown around to describe different types of treatment can seem intimidating—maybe even a little scary. Breaking free from an issue with drugs is a deeply personal […]

Inpatient for Teens

Why It Matters When a teenager develops an issue with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or other similar issues requiring rehab, it’s especially important to deal with it fully and effectively—even if that means a period of inpatient treatment will be required. That’s because the teen years come at a time when the brain is still […]