How to

Get Sober

No matter what form your addiction takes – alcohol, drugs, compulsive eating or denying yourself food – you can leave it behind and adopt a new and healthy lifestyle. You can repair damaged relationships and begin making well-thought-out choices for your future. You can find peace and satisfaction in your life. Remember that help is […]

Plan an Intervention

Staging an Intervention It’s Time to Take Action The time has come. You can no longer stand idly by and watch your loved one struggle with his or her substance abuse or addiction–and slowly destroy all the he or she holds dear. You tried having a heart-to-heart, even pleaded for him/her to see reason, but […]

Reach Out Today

There is no shame in seeking treatment for substance abuse. It is not a punishment; it’s a healing solution, and it will get your life back on track. Call us for a completely confidential conversation with someone who can help. A new life awaits. Let’s take that first step together.

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