Study proves women have better memory and learning functions

Study: Women Have Better MemoryAs a continuous source of troubles between couples, it is well known that women have stronger memories related to dates, birthdays and important events. They can memorize minor details about things that happened in the past while men usually don’t and have less ability to memorize these specific events. In fact, it is true that women have stronger memory than men and several factors play into this.

Researchers found out that short-term memory is stronger in women due to estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone. This means that women’s memory usually declines after menopause when hormonal changes start to occur with dramatic decrease in estrogen levels.

Another explanation for stronger memory in women than men according to the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology is their multitasking ability and roles in taking care of their family and home duties.

Women’s stronger memory is more linked to remembering events, plans and related acts rather than specific times and dates. 212 men and women participated in a study that was published in Menopause Journal to compare comprehensive memory functions in both genders with the same age ranging from 45 to 55. The study concluded that women had better memory and learning function than men with the same age. This intellectual ability was proven to decline as they age after menopause compared to premenopausal women where estrogen is adequately secreted from the ovary and plays a major role in women’s health including memory function.

Another recent study compared postmenopausal women and men of the same age and found that although menopause is associated with decline in memory functions in women, they still have better functions than men of the same age. Researchers determine the difference in brain size of both genders at the same age and it was proven that men have smaller brain and more brain atrophy related to memory functions compared to postmenopausal women.

Research is now conducted to discover the neuroprotective mechanisms behind memory functions to know more about brain chemicals that are affected and can be modulated in memory deficits including different types of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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