What should I do if I have an addiction?

shutterstock_297079961People experiment with drugs for myriads of different reasons. Drug abuse in an attempt to escape the daily life problems often culminates in drug addiction, a compulsive disorder that completely takes over a drug addict’s life and renders him/her unable to cope with daily life. Even though overcoming a drug addiction requires tremendous amount of willpower, it is not altogether impossible to beat your drug addiction problem. Here is what you can do to overcome your addiction.

Recognize and Accept Your Problem

Realizing that you are suffering from a serious problem is the foremost step of the recovery process. You need to come to terms with the fact that your situation is beyond your control and that you need help.

Don’t Suffer Silently

Begrudging yourself for being vulnerable to drugs is of no use. Even the strongest can succumb to the appeal. While blaming yourself to be the only one weak enough to fall prey to drugs, remember that millions of people out there are suffering from the same problem as you.

Fortify Your Support System

Even if you have trekked so far down the addiction path that recovery seems like a monumental task, know that you are not alone. Friends and family are your primary support system and reaching out to them for strength and emotional backing will turn out to be your first line of defense while battling addiction.

Find Your Local Support Groups

If you have realized that your addiction is consuming you and you are trying to steer clear of drugs, seek help from your local support groups for additional encouragement. These groups include people who have been through the same problem as you. People who generally lead these groups are the ones who have defeated their addictions and will be able to guide you about how to suppress your drug cravings.

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Seek Professional Rehabilitation Help

Rehabilitation facilities are your best option if you are trying to break free of the vicious cycle of drugs as trying to stay clean on your own through sheer will power is almost impossible. The professional experts at these rehab facilities know more about how your drug abuse has affected your system and how to reverse the damage it has caused.

These professionals are certified to prescribe medications to fight off the withdrawal symptoms. At these centers, various therapy modalities are employed to help you overpower your addiction. Rehabilitation experts also help you with psychological rehab following drug recovery in the form of counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) etc. This is imperative in order to alter your mindset and thought process so that the chances of relapse are minimal.


Minimize the Likelihood of Relapse

The period immediately following drug recovery and rehabilitation is quite crucial in terms of relapse as the pull of drugs is too strong. This is the time when you need to put a tight lid on your desires the most.

Here is what you can do to avoid drug relapse.

  1. Identify the physical, psychological or environmental triggers that evoke drug carvings and stay away from them as much as possible. Avoid people, places and situations that might lead to relapse.
  2. Take up hobbies and positive activities like yoga, meditation, book reading etc. to keep yourself engaged.
  3. Learn to deal with the problems instead of shirking away from them and finding escape in the form of drugs. It will help you become confident that you are strong enough to face and cope with your issues.
  4. Seek company of your friends and family as much as possible.
  5. While you are alone, occupy your mind with happy, positive stuff.
  6. Eat a healthy, balanced diet at proper times.
  7. Make sure that you are sleeping adequately every day.
  8. Make exercise an important part of your daily routine.

Remember, only by adopting a proactive approach can you tackle your drug addiction problem. If you have an addiction, it’s important to get the help needed to overcome it. Take a look at the starting process here.

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